A Moment of Grace 

This book is the story of a small group of Dominican Sisters who came to Ohio from New Jersey in the late nineteenth century to teach in small towns and country schools. Their work expanded and their numbers grew until they formed a new Dominican congregation in Akron, Ohio, whose Motherhouse was named in part for the beauty of their surroundings: Our Lady of the Elms. This book recounts in part their earliest struggles, their expansion and eventual recognition that all Dominican women share an ancient heritage, the same spirituality, and the same imperative to pray, to serve, and to preach the Gospel.

The reader will get a new view of the lives of the Sisters
before and after Vatican II.
Those who know the Sisters
will enjoy meeting past and present friends in these pages.

This book is available to you when you make a donation to the Dominican Sisters of Peace and helps defray the cost of publishing this history and supports the present Sisters in Akron and throughout the congreg


Dominican Sisters of Peace

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